I love food, and I want to help you grow your food or beverage business.



When I was 7 years old, I wrote a letter to the Kool-Aid Man asking if I could borrow his costume for Halloween. I promised to hand out coupons and tell everyone I knew to drink Kool-Aid every day -- oh yeah! Procter & Gamble politely replied, “no thank you, but here are some coupons.” This is pretty much where my food and beverage PR career began.

Fast forward, and I'm using my 15+ years of food marketing, branding and media relations experience with Whole Foods Market to help growing brands just like yours. 


Retail is competitive and constantly changing. Customers are fickle, and they have TONS of options. Your brand and how you communicate it are critical to your success. Let me help craft and share your story so that you stand out on a crowded shelf, and in a media world full of short attention spans.

Let's work together!

Darrah Gist

The gist Marketing & Communications