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Marketing Specialist with 15+ years in retail marketing and communications

Brand storyteller. Wordsmith. Integrated marketing strategist. Full suite communications. Passionate about CPG, packaging design and retail. Adept at using the fewest number of words possible to communicate your message. Customers have short attention spans. Get to the gist! 

How I can help

Marketing strategy – Let's identify your target audience, and come up with a strategy and a plan that provides all of the tools you need to generate brand awareness and increase sales!

Packaging & design – Your packaging, how it fits on the shelf, how it ships, its design, your logo -- these are arguably even more important than the product inside. These things make up your brand. 

Messaging and brand story – How and what you communicate to your customers is key! Let's craft a compelling brand story that appeals to your audience and to the media. 

Copywriting -- Whether it's navigating complex messaging, refining your brand message, snappy website copy, or developing copy that converts to sales, I can help. 

Public relations – Launching a new product? Have some big news to share? Want to pitch your product or business to a specific industry? Let’s get the word out!

Retail-ready consulting – Are you ready for retail? Have a product idea but not sure where to start? Have a great product but haven't found the right packaging? Do you have a million more questions? We should probably talk.  

Media training – Learn how to control the interview and communicate your key messages. Whether you're ramping up for some targeted media outreach or you just want to get your messaging down to a few short and sweet phrases, I can help.

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